Cum funcţionează presa în Moldova

Presedintia anunta ca seful statului Vladimir Voronin l-a primit, vineri, pe Ambasadorul Statelor Unite ale Americii, Asif Chaudhry, transmite DECA-press.
Potrivit unui comunicat al Presedintiei, ambasadorul american si-a exprimat regretul in legatura cu evenimentele care s-au produs in ziua din 7 aprilie in Chisinau, mentionand ca a fost socat si neplacut surprins de starea edificiilor vandalizate ale Parlamentului si Presedintiei.
Seful misiunii diplomatice a SUA a remarcat faptul ca reactia autoritatilor moldovene a fost adecvata evenimentelor care s-au produs. Chaudhry a salutat declaratia facuta in acest sens de catre Voronin, potrivit careia „mai curand ar sacrifica cladirile administrative decat sa raneasca tineri si sa admita varsari de sange”.
Ambasadorul SUA in Republica Moldova s-a aratat increzator ca autoritatile moldovene vor actiona si in continuare in acelasi mod in vederea stabilizarii situatiei cu asigurarea plenara a respectarii drepturilor cetatenilor la libera exprimare.
Diplomatul american a accentuat importanta identificarii unei modalitati optime de conlucrare dintre autoritati si partidele de opozitie pentru asigurarea stabilitatii social-politice.
Vladimir Voronin l-a asigurat pe ambasadorul american ca va face tot posibilul pentru ca situatia tensionata sa fie depasita intr-o maniera care sa contribuie la consolidarea societatii si pacii civice in Republica Moldova.
Ce spune de fapt ambasadorul SUA:
Interview given by U.S. Ambassador to Moldova, Asif Chaudhry, to Infotag News Agency


Q. Mr. Ambassador, how would you assess the situation in Moldova following the protests against the elections?

A. Let me first say that we give great importance to the right of people living in a democratic state to express their opinions in any peaceful manner they choose, whether through public protests, via the Internet or through the traditional media. However, we also condemn violence, whatever the source. Regarding the events since Sunday, I would say that the authorities acted with restraint on Tuesday, as the demonstration in front of the Presidential Palace and the Parliament building went out of control resulting in property damage and injuries. Thus, the potential for more grave consequences was avoided. However, we are concerned by the Government’s actions in the aftermath, as the protests resumed in a peaceful manner. In a public statement and in meetings with the opposition, we called on all participants to refrain from violent action and to resolve their differences through peaceful means. During our meetings with Government leaders, we urged that the Government allow the right to peaceful expression.

Q. How would you comment on the actions taken by the Government after the protests, specifically the reports of detention and interrogation of students, journalists?

A. We are concerned about the measures taken after the protests returned to a peaceful mode and I expressed this concern directly to President Voronin. We are concerned particularly about detention of journalists and students without apparent basis and about pressures on teachers to prevent their students from participation in demonstrations. We received direct complaints from journalists who told us about intimidation. We saw credible TV reports about cases when journalists and students had been detained and beaten. Such cases, including mistreatment and intimidation of journalists or any other citizen, should not take place in a democracy.

Q. What is your position on the claim of opposition parties that the results of the election were flawed?

A. I personally have discussed this issue with the President, other Government of Moldova leaders and leaders of the three opposition parties. Our position is that the Government should hear the grievances and resolve them in an atmosphere of constructive cooperation with the opposition. We have also urged that the election results be dealt with complete transparency. The decision of the Government to allow the opposition parties to check the voters lists and the recalculation of votes is a welcome step in that direction. We urge everyone in Moldova to work together to find a peaceful and democratic way out of this situation and move the country forward.


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